About Stay Podsitive

Things don’t look too great. Reading headlines has become an extreme sport and doomsday prepping looks more and more appealing by the minute. What we could really use right now is a free weekly reminder to stay positive, and that’s what this podcast is for!

What's in an episode?

Every week, comedian Sierra Katow will chat with a fascinating guest about how they’ve managed to survive in this world (so far) all while keeping an upbeat outlook on life. Topics can range from the longterm philosophical - like, what’s your definition of success? - to the shortterm practical - like, when you’re broke, what was your go-to instant noodle brand? Was this the career or the lifestyle they always planned on pursuing? What did they wish they knew earlier? What was the worst advice they were ever given? The best? And most importantly, in tougher times, how do they keep smiling?

Sure, this podcast won’t solve all our problems, but we’ll get real conversations with people who, in one way or another, have been able to function pretty impressively given, well, everything.

Who's the host?

Sierra Katow is an LA-based stand-up comedian and writer or, in the words of her parents, she died in a car accident two year ago. She was the youngest comic to appear on Season 9 of Last Comic Standing (NBC) and has also been featured on Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC), Laughs (FOX), Take My Wife (STARZ), and Acting Out (MTV).